The Sacrificial Warriors

One of The Oldest ESO Guilds on the Xbox EU Server

The Sacrificial Warriors is a Elder Scrolls Online Xbox EU guild, we are a multi alliance guild that is open to players of all abilities, we have beta & day one plays right up to people that have just installed the game. We run housing competitions and some just for fun events.

We run weekly events that cover all aspects of the game from PVE to PVP and everything in between. We have a weekly trader and if you are unsure what to sell something for we have many experienced players on hand in chat to advise.

Join our community of warriors

We are alway welcoming new members into our community, there are no dues or requirements all we ask is that members help each other, within the guild things like vampire bites and werewolf scratches are expected to be free between members, we have many master and grandmaster crafters who will be happy to make you item to research and gear to wear, materials may be requested. If you are struggling to complete content or want to farm some gear we can arrange a group to help you achieve this.

To join the guild either find us in the game’s guild finder, use the Facebook / Discord links below or sent an Xbox message to our guildmaster GT: NPUK

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Guild Trader

Weekly Guild Trader

We aim to have a weekly guild trader in a prime location, if you are unsure on how much to sell an item you can use the search function on other guild traders or message a member of the admin team.

A good way to make money in the game is to farm crafting materials and refine them, the gold items and ancestor silk are currently selling very well.


Master Crafting House

All of our members have the privilege of using P Vansteenlandt crafting house, this is one of the most extensive crafting homes in the game, featuring stations for all craftable sets, all mundus stones, transmutation station and all other crafting workbenches.

Crafting house

Meet The Guild Leaders

npuk ESO

Guild Master

BCG Canine ESO
BCG Canine
Master Crafter

Admin | Guild Support

Benzuxgamer ESO
Lore Master

Admin | Guild Support

BigShep2015 ESO
Farmer Shep

Admin | Guild Support

Daddy Snus ESO previously Emperor of Snus
Daddy Snus
Lorebook Seeker

Admin | Guild Support

MiniRex94 ESO
Achievement Hunter

Admin | Guild Support

Unkn0w Pariah ESO
Unkn0w Pariah
Tamriel Guide

Admin | Guild Support

wuduwasa13 ESO

Junior Admin

Paddy45 ESO

Junior Admin





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